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Constantine the Great

The Constantine the Great Hotel is a luxurious, state-of-the-art four star hotel located in the...


“You love the ones whose happiness you rejoice”, Russian proverb And that is exactly how...


Exactly 107 years ago, a long tradition of Serbian hospitality was established, when in the...

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Hotel Tash is a small, beautiful and modern hotel located in the center of Belgrade....


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Lazar Lux Apartments

We are proud to present the Lazar Lux Apartments: 25 newly constructed luxury apartments in...

Vila Terazije

Belgrade, one of the biggest tourist centers in eastern Europe, offers to its Guests different...
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Apartment Belgrade

Apartment Belgrade is located in the very center of Belgrade, has a double bed, where...

Eden Suites

Eden Suites: 6 sun drenched luxury suites located in the most prestigious part of Belgrade;...
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Apartment Loft

Apartment Loft located in the heart of Belgrade , in perhaps the prettiest Belgrade municipalities...